Coffee Beans and Pudding;
Celestial Sanction;


2002 vs 2014


tl;dr - ilu i drew u homos happy barfday linh



SUP LINH happy birthday again. Enjoy your last teen year ok TAKE IT OUT WITH A BANG and a lot of homos, I guess. 
We don’t really talk all that often but I appreciate you all the same and it’s always a pleasure seeing you on tl!! Thanks for being Minzi’s husband too, LMFAO. (No but I’m actually serious about that, thanks for being her best friend) 

you guyssssss what did I do in my past life to deserve this BURSTS INTO TEARS LIKE ACTUALLY OH M YGOD JASMIN!! JASMINNNNNNN Y_______Y gosh thank you so much!! You’re always so sweet and supportive and I hope we can talk more often in the future? Thank you for being there for her too eheh ///


Do you ever just accidentally befriend someone you used to look up a lot to like you are admiring them from afar and trying to talk to them and theN SUDDENLY THEY RECOGNIZE YOUR EXISTENCE AND THEN A LOT OF GOOD STUFF HAPPENS AND THEN THEY BECOME YOUR FRIENDS LIKE WTF KINDA UNREAL SHIT IS THAT??? I cannot believe


Aaahh so yeah. I’m nothing amazing at trees, but my friend Huispe has been asking for this for such a long time now, I decided to finally do it.

Hopefully it can be useful for any of you out there <3

(there’s prolly plenty of typos in there too but I am just so tired right now aughhh)


duyên (submitted by sakura-mori)


a personal doodle for me and anyone else who needs it aaa (;´v`)

Love is a sickness, an addiction; overdose.

Randomly felt inspired to doodle something, hehe. (Though I should probably work on variability in subject and composition orientation in general…..)

If I cinch your throat, it’s natural you’d stop breathing 
— Has the moon driven you mad?

But it can’t be helped, can it? It’s because I loved you
— Why have the stars driven me mad?

Sometimes I wreck myself for these two.


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